P2P Payment Meaning: What are Peer-to-Peer Payments?

PEER payments are free and instant transactions from one amnis account to another.

amnis PEER allows you to set up your very own payment network: you can invite any counterparty to join the amnis PEER network, and, once they passed our quick onboarding and compliance check, exchange money with them at zero cost and at the highest speed.

Within the amnis PEER network, funds can be moved instantly and freely from one amnis account to the other, without any expensive middle-man or other intermediaries who could delay or block the process in between.

This allows you to send and receive funds to and from any business party around the globe within seconds.

If, like in most SMEs, 20% of your suppliers represent 80% of your transaction volume (see 80/20 rule), building your own peer to peer payment network to instantly process supplier and intragroup payments is a huge advantage.

Learn more on how to issue an amnis PEER payment.

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