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News & Tips

A collection of our monthly newsletters in which we share our latest product updates & clever tips.

Account & Settings

Here we answer your questions about account and user settings as well as general questions about your account.


Here we answer frequently asked questions about the onboarding process, contract generation and identification.

Plans & Pricing

Clear up your remaining questions about our plans and pricing!


Everything about domestic and international payment options.


All you need to know about your global business account in 20+ currencies!


Foreign currency exchange definitions, tips and tricks explained.


Everything you need to know about your amnis business debit card.


More information on free and instant money transfer via the amnis peer-to-peer payment network.

Balance Cashback (interest)

Everything you need to know about receiving interest on your amnis business currency accounts.


Use automated transactions to facilitate your cash management and make your payments and currency exchanges more efficient.

Invoicing & Dynamic Discounting

Learn how to send out payment requests and offer dynamic discounts to get paid faster!

Referral Program

Any questions about our referral program? Check out our FAQ!


Useful tips to add and manage your contacts efficiently.


In this section you find articles about reports and tools that increase your efficiency.


This sections covers all questions about amnis integrations (e.g. bexio).

Regulations & Policies

This sections covers payment insitution regulations and other policies on client protection.