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What is the multipay feature?
What is the multipay feature?

Here you will learn everything about the multipay feature - from simple setup to multi-payments and managing of groups.

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Focus on growth, not on your global payroll!

Employing a global remote team has made the monthly payroll more complex and costly. amnis' multipay feature focuses on international group-payments and makes it very easy to add global team members and freelance workers to a payment group and even pay them in different currencies in one workflow.

Therefore, it not only allows you to save money on transfer fees and exchange rates but also to pay your remote team and freelancers with a fast, reliable and secure payment solution.

The multipay feature simplifies also other payment scenarios, such as rent, insurance or recurring supplier payments. Simply create a group that fits your needs!

How does the multipay feature work?

Initial setup:

  1. Open an amnis account for free and/or log in to your amnis account.

  2. Go to the "Payments" section and select the "Multipay" feature:

  3. Click on "Create group" and give it a name.

  4. Select an already existing contact from the list or add a new beneficiary to the group ("new contact").

  5. Specify the payment details for each contact, such as bank account and monthly default amount (you can adjust the amount each time in case of varying payments), and add the contact to the group.

  6. Once you've added all contacts, you are set up and can proceed with the payment by clicking on "Start multipay".

Multi-payment creation:

  1. Log in to your amnis account, go to the "Payments" section and select the "Multipay" feature. Alternatively you can go to the Dashboard section "Create a payment" and select "Multipay".

  2. Select a group from your existing payment groups.

  3. State in the second step your payment reference, date, reason for payment and fee schedule. You can then select your beneficiaries for this payment round by ticking the checkbox on the right side (next to the name). If you want to select all contacts from the group, click on "Select all" at the end of the list.

    Also note that we will automatically use the amount specified during the setup process. In case of varying payments, you can simply adjust the amount each time by typing in the desired number in the respective field.

    You can also adjust the payment reference individually for each beneficiary.

  4. Review and issue the mass payment with just two additional clicks.

Tip: To directly buy the foreign currency amount needed for the multi-payment, go to the overview tab "Multipay" and click on the "Buy" button on the right side:

Managing multi-payments and groups:

To delete or edit a group, go to the "Multipay" feature and click on the red icon to delete the group or on the blue icon to edit the desired group (e.g. to add, delete or edit contacts):

An overview of all open and executed multi-payments can be found in "Payments" under the tab "Multipay". Click on the group payment to get a list of all corresponding individual payments. By clicking on a payout, you'll see a detailed summary, can delete a pending payment or download a PDF.

Under the menu item "Contacts" you can also see respective tabs for your payment groups, create a new group, add contacts to exisiting groups and directly create multi-payments for your groups.

Tip: You want to avoid banking intermediaries and accelerate your transactions even further? amnis PEER allows you to build your own payment network, onboard your beneficiaries and pay them real-time in any currency, at zero cost for both parties.

Do you have ideas on how we can improve our product? What kind of new features would further help you? Submit your idea here!

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