When you've confirmed your exchange rate, you will be forwarded to your payout options. Here you can decide what should happen with the currency you just purchased. You have three possibilities:

  1. Pay to amnis funding balance: the money will be credited to your amnis account. You can check your amnis account balance under "Accounts" (on the left side).

  2. Pay to own bank account: the amount will be sent to your own bank account (check your account details under "Beneficiaries" -> Own accounts).

  3. Select beneficiary: the money will be sent to a beneficiary e.g. supplier. You can select a beneficiary from your list of saved beneficiaries or add a new one.

Tip: The fastest and cheapest payment gateway is to make a transfer through the amnis PEER network. Learn more about our PEER solution here.

Please beware that once you have confirmed a currency exchange offer, the trade has been issued and needs to be fulfilled. Deleting an fx trade is not possible.

If you have booked a wrong trade, please contact our support team. The currency exchange can be offset with a reversed trade. However, this may cause some additional cost due to the constant changes on the fx market.


Once you have completed your fx trade on the amnis platform, it is important to make sure that the funding on your amnis account is sufficient. You can check your account balance under "Accounts".

If you already have sufficient funding in the respective currency, you do not need to do anything further.

However, if your funding is not sufficient, we kindly ask you to top up your account until the value date, so that the currency exchange can be executed in time.

After each currency exchange you will automatically receive a confirmation email from amnis with details on your trade, including how to wire the sold currency to amnis.

Tip: Learn more about your email notification settings, to make sure you don't miss out on any important notification.

Moreover, you can find amnis' bank account details for each of your currency accounts under "Accounts" -> "..." -> "Account details". Please check whether the account is in your own name or in the name of Amnis Treasury Services AG.

Customers based in Switzerland also have the option to automatically receive the payment order via eBill. Learn more about eBill.

We are currently working on setting up an equally comfortable solution for our customers outside Switzerland, stay tuned!

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