In order to set a rate alert, you need to be a registered amnis user - the free demo account is sufficient to set a rate alert. Hence, if you don't have an amnis account yet, please create your free, non-binding demo account here.

How to create a rate alert

Once you have signed up and logged into your amnis account, you can find the rate alert under "Tools" -> "Alerts":

On the top, you can first choose your currency pair, in this example USD/CHF:

Afterwards, you have two possibilities for your fx rate alert:

  1. Set a custom alert:

    We will notify you via email as soon as the exchange rate reaches your preferred rate. Simply tick "Create a custom alert" and set your preferred rate. In order to remember why you set this rate alert, you can enter a description.

  2. Daily rate notification:

    We will send you a daily email at 9am, stating the current rate of your desired currency pair. Simply tick "Daily rate" to receive the live rate every day.

To confirm your chosen alert, please click on "Set up rate alert" at the bottom.

You will then see an overview of your active rate alerts on the right side. You can also receive multiple alerts at the same time.

How to delete a rate alert

If you no longer wish to receive the fx rate alert, you can delete the respective alert by clicking on the red "Delete" symbol on the right side.

How to deactivate the rate alert for specific users

Please note that the rate alert is set on a business partner level. This means that all business account users will receive the same rate alert. If one user does not want to receive these emails, he/she can unsubscribe from the rate alert emails by unticking the respective box under: "User settings" -> "Email notifications" -> "Rate alert".

Note: We use mid market rates for our alerts. The mid market rate is the halfway point between demand and supply of any particular currency pair. Your effective trade will be at a slightly different rate since the individual margin will be added, and markets are constantly moving so the prices are changing every second.

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