To enter a limit order, go to "Currency Exchange" and select "Limit" in your amnis account:

You can then choose the currency that you would like to buy and the currency you would like to sell, enter the amount, and state the limit rate (interbank rate).

Please note that the minimum amount for limit orders is the equivalent of CHF 1'000.

Next, hit "Enter limit order". You will now see a pop-up window with a summary of the limit order you are about to place:

In this window, the details of your intended limit order are explained, including the difference in % to the current market rate.

If needed, you can adjust the desired exchange rate (limit rate) and, finally, set the expiry date and time of your order.

Please note that there is a time limit of 2 minutes, within which the limit order has to be confirmed. Once confirmed, the limit order will stay in the system until

a) the currency markets reach your set rate - then the order will be executed, or

b) expiry date - if the currency markets don't reach your target rate in time, the limit order will be deleted automatically.

You can find a list of open limit orders under "Currency exchange" -> "Pending Limit Orders":

On the right side under "Action" you can download a PDF containing all details of your order.

Additionally, you can delete pending limit orders under "Action". Deleting limit orders is possible as long as they are still pending and not executed.

Please keep in mind that once the market reaches your target rate the order will be executed and needs to be fulfilled (same as with other fx trades). Deleting an executed limit order is not possible. If you have booked a wrong trade, please contact our support team. The currency exchange can be offset with a reversed trade only. This may cause some additional cost due to the constant changes on the fx market.

As soon as the market reaches your target rate the limit order will be executed automatically. You will then receive a confirmation email with all details, including the payment instructions.

Note: You can also receive a rate alert only as soon as your desired exchange rate is reached in the currency market.

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