FX limits can restrict certain currency exchange transactions and are imposed due to company regulations, user restrictions or simply to prevent fat finger errors.

In this article, we highlight the differences between the various limits and explain, how they can be changed.

User vs. company limit

  • The user limit is the limit per transaction for a specific user account. The various users can have different limits. For example, user 1 can trade up to 500,000 CHF per transaction, whereas user 2 can only trade up to 100,000 CHF.

    User limits can be controlled and adjusted by the administrator under

    Admin (upper right corner) -> User management -> Action -> edit button (in blue):

  • The company limit refers to the overall, cumulative limit for your business account. It only takes your forward transactions into account, not your spot transactions (see next section for more information).

    This limit can be changed by the amnis team only, which can be reached via support chat, email or phone.

    You can find your company limit in the Admin panel (on the top):

Spot vs. forward limit

  • The spot limit applies to all spot transactions (= currency exchanges with value date ≤ 5 days). Only your user limit is relevant for spot transactions. Thus, if you would like to change your spot limit (e.g. due to an error notification), you can contact your administrator, who can adjust it (see instructions above).

  • The forward limit applies to all forward transactions (currency exchanges with value date > 5 days). If you receive an error notification when booking a forward transaction, you need to check the following points:

    1. User limit: is my user limit high enough? To adjust the user limit, please contact your administrator.

    2. Company limit: if your user limit is high enough but you still get an error notification, the company limit needs to be adjusted. There can be two scenarios for adjusting the company limit:

      1. You've already signed a margin call agreement for FX forward contracts: In this case, please let your relationship manager know that you would like to increase the company limit.

      2. You haven't signed an agreement for FX forward contracts: In this case, please contact your relationship manager since you need to enable forward trading in your amnis WebApp and sign a margin call agreement. Without agreement, you're allowed to trade up to CHF 100'000 (limit per company, not per trade) and 90 forward days.

Tip: To learn more about booking forward transactions, consult this article.

For any further questions, feel free to contact the amnis support team via support chat, email or phone - they are happy to assist you.

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